Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Hartsville Pike is blessed with many young people, and each one is precious! There’s something going all for youth of all ages.

The Basement

The basement is located directly under our Worship auditorium…like all basements. It’s a place where our kids come together to worship God, develop relationships, and have fun. Basically, if you ever don’t know where to go for a HP Student ministry get-together, the Basement is a good place to start.

Singing Time

We love to sing! Every Wednesday at 7 PM our students meet in the High School classroom where we sing songs we love. Everyone is welcome, and if you don’t know the songs don’t worry, because our mantra is “God doesn’t care how good you can sing, he cares that you sing from the heart!”

Thursday Nights Together

1st & 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM

We can’t spend enough time together, as a youth group. This is why on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month we get together in The Basement to spend time with one another. We want our teens to have the freedom to have fun, feel safe, and grow within our community. There are always adult volunteers helping with games, serving food, and most importantly there for those who need a few moments to unload. We always start with a FREE MEAL at 6:30pm and then do some singing and praying and then hang out and play games.

Family Night on the 1st Thursday

Families are important, and parents are the foundation of families. So we invite the family of our teens to join us for “Family Night” on the first Thursday of every month. We still have a meal at 6:30 PM and have a period of singing, praying, and always fun and games.